Free Holiday Portraits for all, for a good cause.

Free Holiday Portraits for all, for a good cause.

I know I know, Halloween is just in the rearview mirror, but now is the time to start thinking about holiday portraits.

We at the Loft studio would like to help. For a limited time we are offering FREE professional family portraits in our spacious Main Street studio. That's right, free. What's the catch? Good question. All we ask, is that you make a charitable donation to Sick Kids Hospital at the time of the shoot. It can be 25.00, it can be 300.00, whatever you want. Any other catches? Nope, that's it. 

What does a free booking include? 

  • Pre-session tips and tricks for getting the most of of your shoot. 
  • Half hour in studio photo session. 
  • Fully edited digital images perfect for social media or medium size prints.  
  • Custom private website and iOS or Android app for quick access to images. 

When: Every Saturday starting now until the Holidays during normal business hours. Sessions are first come first serve. 
Where: The Loft Studio (206 Main St, Newmarket, ON) 
How: Simply email us, or simply hit the Contact Us button below to book an appointment. 
Why: To do something nice for the community we love, and to raise money for Sick Kids Hospital. 

We hope you are as excited about this as we are. If you have any additional questions or would like to book, we would love to hear from you! 

5 tips to getting better family portraits.

5 tips to getting better family portraits.

While we hate to think about it, summer is drawing to an end. To some that means different things. To some it means back to school, to some it means buying salt and winter tires, but to many it means the beginning of family portrait season. 

Now lets face it, you're beautiful and so is your family so it's hard to take a bad picture of you, but there are certain things you can do to get even better images. Here are a few tips to make this years image the best ever. 

1) Dress for Success: 
Avoid patterns as they don't show up well on camera. Wear complimenting images, not necessarily matching colors. If shopping for the shoot, buying the outfits in the same store can help simplify this. Avoid large logos or characters on children's shirts. 

2) Chose a personal theme:
If there is something the entire family is into, integrate it into your photo. If you're all into superheros, get a shot with each family member wearing a t-shirt of their favorite Hero, or wearing super hero socks. The entire shoot doesn't have to be themed, but it's cute to get a few. 

3) Preparation is key:
If you have younger kids, warn them for a few days ahead of time that the shoot is coming up so it's not a surprise. Bring snacks and water for kids to avoid grumpiness. Be patient. Any photographer worth their salt will have no problem taking a ten or fifteen minute break to let the kids run around and blow off some steam. It can also be a great time to get some candid shots. 

4) Have fun!
Many times I see people get caught up in the details and forget to just have fun! Make silly faces, jump, run. You don't have to put those images on the wall (although often people do) and it can help break the ice. 

5) Location location location:
When it comes to location, variety is key. If there is a location that is special to the family then I like to shoot there. Otherwise there are many beautiful parks and events. You can take some fun pictures at local fairs. That being said don't rule out the classic studio shoot. They are perfect when the weather doesn't participate or for the more traditional shots. As a photographer they are great to work in as the light is easier to control and more time can be spent on posing and details. 

Family portraits are a wonderful yearly tradition and can help show the family grow over time. We hope these tips can help you take them to the next level and if you're interested, we can even help you capture them. 

5 Reasons to try shooting in a studio at least once.

Go to any popular photography website and search for "studio", you will be served with a plethora of articles telling you why you don't need a studio.

However, after reading past the headlines there is always the "but" sentence. This is great BUT doesn't give you the flexibility of a real studio. Or a basement studio is wonderful BUT limiting however by ceiling height where as most studios have high ceilings allowing more lighting options. 

Here are 5 reasons why you should shoot in a studio at least once. 

We have the equipment... all of it. I think it was Joe McNally who said "if you think you need two lights, use one. If you think you need three lights, use one" and that's great, but might I also suggest, USE THEM ALL! I joke of course but when you have the flexibility to slowly add more lights to your shot to mold and create the exact look you have been seeking it can bring an amazing sense of satisfaction.

No more rearranging your living room / dining room for the shoot. Don't get me wrong, I loved shooting in my "home studio" but at the same time we all know the hassle it is to move everything around in the dining room or living room, setup the lights, get the backdrop up etc. 

3 - TOYS!
We have already gone over light modifiers, and they are great, but it doesn't have to end there.  What about wind machines, smoke machines, 8 foot mirrors, HUGE V-Flats. The list of additional elements that you can add to your images goes on and on, and we have them all. 

Unlimited Creativity, not restrictions.  Last weekend I was at the studio as two photographers were shooting a model they hired for the day. They started off simple, a couple strip lights and loved the results, then they added a reflector... then a 5 foot Octabox, then a wind machine, after that the smoke machine. With each addition and evolution they became more and more ecstatic with the images they were creating. 

Another great service offered at many studios (including The Loft Studio) is additional guidance during your session. For an additional cost you can have a professional studio photographer guide you through your shoot. They can help you realize the vision you have in your mind. 

So if you're looking to push your craft to new levels try shooting in a studio, you will be amazed with the results! 



Hello World

Hello World

Hello all. So The Loft Studio is now a month old and as the dust begins to settle from the amazingly successful grand opening, we thought we should take a second to introduce ourselves and a bit of the story behind The Loft Studio. 

The Loft Studio is owned and operated by five passionate photographers who were looking for a home away from home to bring clients, practice their craft and experiment with new ideas. Some of us have only been shooting for a few years, some of us are seasoned veterans. After looking at many places we fell in love with Main St and were fortunate enough to find an amazing space on this amazing street. As soon as we walked into The Loft for the first time, we knew this was the place. With its 18 foot ceilings and ample natural light, it was love at first sight. 

So we started the paperwork and became more and more excited at the thought of not having to rent studios downtown or having to disrupt our livingroom and dining rooms to turn them into temporary studios anymore. I know many of you out there know what that feels like. 

But as The Loft came closer and closer to becoming a reality we all felt that there was a peace of the puzzle missing. One day at an all hands meeting we realized what it was, we have this amazing space where we can let our imagination run wild and have all the resources we would ever need to make the art we want, but why keep it to ourselves? There is such an amazing community of Photographers in this area, why not share our playground with everyone. As busy as we all are, we would still only be using the studio about 60% of the time, why not open it up for others to enjoy? 

While the initial response has been amazing, we know there are so many photographers out there that have beautiful ideas just bursting to become a reality, but we also know a new place and new equipment can be intimidating. For that reason we offer free classes every month on how to use the equipment that comes with the studio rental (all of it). We made it so that the first rental is only 99.00 for 4 hours and 199.00 for 8 hours so you have lots of time to play and experiment for very little. 

We love our new space and are amazed by what we have been able to create so far, we know you will be amazed with what you can create as well. 

Feel free to contact us with any questions, we are here to help you in any way we can! 

Happy shooting!