Hello all. So The Loft Studio is now a month old and as the dust begins to settle from the amazingly successful grand opening, we thought we should take a second to introduce ourselves and a bit of the story behind The Loft Studio. 

The Loft Studio is owned and operated by five passionate photographers who were looking for a home away from home to bring clients, practice their craft and experiment with new ideas. Some of us have only been shooting for a few years, some of us are seasoned veterans. After looking at many places we fell in love with Main St and were fortunate enough to find an amazing space on this amazing street. As soon as we walked into The Loft for the first time, we knew this was the place. With its 18 foot ceilings and ample natural light, it was love at first sight. 

So we started the paperwork and became more and more excited at the thought of not having to rent studios downtown or having to disrupt our livingroom and dining rooms to turn them into temporary studios anymore. I know many of you out there know what that feels like. 

But as The Loft came closer and closer to becoming a reality we all felt that there was a peace of the puzzle missing. One day at an all hands meeting we realized what it was, we have this amazing space where we can let our imagination run wild and have all the resources we would ever need to make the art we want, but why keep it to ourselves? There is such an amazing community of Photographers in this area, why not share our playground with everyone. As busy as we all are, we would still only be using the studio about 60% of the time, why not open it up for others to enjoy? 

While the initial response has been amazing, we know there are so many photographers out there that have beautiful ideas just bursting to become a reality, but we also know a new place and new equipment can be intimidating. For that reason we offer free classes every month on how to use the equipment that comes with the studio rental (all of it). We made it so that the first rental is only 99.00 for 4 hours and 199.00 for 8 hours so you have lots of time to play and experiment for very little. 

We love our new space and are amazed by what we have been able to create so far, we know you will be amazed with what you can create as well. 

Feel free to contact us with any questions, we are here to help you in any way we can! 

Happy shooting!